The Wedding Filmer Workshop Giveaway !!!


11210468_983097488376668_5699569654537680561_nYes …. I have a pass to spare …So all the videographers ….photographers and students who want to learn the art of creating those magical wedding movies … Can earn a free pass to participate in the workshop with me …How???

Simple just express your love for wedding filmer or the reason you should get this pass ..It could be a few words ..a picture or a video anything you opt for …. by the way u have limited time … till 13th may 5 pm and winners are announced at 8 pm same day 🙂 yay !!

And guess what the wedding filmer is offering ???

They say there are looking  for enthusiastic young film makers to include into the TWF family, and the workshops are a great place to meet them and to understand how they work.

Looking for the exciting opportunity to work with The Wedding Filmer? Don’t miss the Bangalore workshop on the 17th of May 2015!!!


Here’s the story about Sai from the wedding filmer team :
At the Mumbai workshop, Sai Abhishek, came in like any other participant keen to learn more about the craft of film making. He shared his resume with us which we loved!! Sai will now be traveling with the TWF crew to Bangkok in June to shoot a wedding.

Click here to register now..


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Simran moonga i definately like your entry but Priyanka Daga from Photoalchemy this is great …She mailed me the entry as she was not able to upload  !!



She also writes:

I Have been floored by your videos to say the least, I mean TWF team and esp Vishal Punjabi in my opinion is a team of Magicians and Artists who wave their wand to paint the most beautiful story on ones wedding on their canvas. Looking at your videos I have felt happy, I have felt sad, I have been overwhelmed, I have been in awe, more than that you made me believe that dreams do come true! So i m very keen on learning this art from the Magicians and looking Forward to the workshop …

So dear see you on 17th may 🙂

And for all the others you can still register for the worshop and students get a special discount …For details click here ..

Congrats once again  Priyanka Daga

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7 comments on “The Wedding Filmer Workshop Giveaway !!!

  • the wedding filmer captures emotions and all the drama around the wedding so perfectly that one can relive each moment anytime … I would love to be able to learn this art from the masters ….

  • There are many answers to this question, you guys are the best there is and there is no doubt about it. Your videos always speak so much that one could understand them even if they didn’t attend. ANd learning even 10 % of this art will be wonderful.

  • I’m a student of Visual Media and I’ve been dying to attend one of the Wedding Filmer’s workshops. Wedding videos are a challenge beyond anything because of its unpredictability and the requirement of quick footedness. And I’ve followed a lot of wedding filmographers over the years and The Wedding Fiomer was right up there with the best, if not the best. But I can’t afford one and hence could never proceed to buy a pass for any of their workshops.

  • @TWeddingFilmer #Workshop #Giveaway
    Not for money,Only felicity
    Joyfulness on the couple’s face is my biggest reason i click and it would be a blessing to share the same space with TWeddingFilmer

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