Play with light to beautify your wedding venue….


Part of making your wedding unique involves finding ways to reflect your personality and style in your wedding decorations. If you are looking for accessories to create a romantic and elegant ambiance at your wedding then lanterns and candles are the perfect for you.


Lanterns – in all shapes, forms and colors – be it paper, glass, metal, round or square – are a beautiful sight and look stunning and very romantic in any setting. Use it as a single prop on a table or string a  few of them from the ceiling or adorn them with flowers. Depending on the type of lanterns and manner of use, they can be used with different themes from whimsical, rustic, vintage or even a traditional feel to an event.


Candles are always a great option for couples because of the variety of ways in which they can be used. The wedding candle decorations give you the ability to customize the look of your wedding candle décor making it easy to compliment a specific style, color, or influence. Candles can be improved by being creatively displayed, by the holders used, or by the accents they’re paired with. Wedding candle decorations can be used stand alone or in combination with any of the votive candles, tealights, floating candles, or pillar candle wedding decorations


Using a lantern in the decoration of the wedding. in the morning and afternoon can still look beautiful and give a romantic feel in the atmosphere of your wedding day. If you intend to hold a wedding during the day, could not light the lantern, but fill it with flowers or other accessories. And turn on the lantern if you held a party in the afternoon or evening. Flame lanterns can invite different moods in your wedding day.


You can put a lantern hanging on the walls or let it lie at the bottom with the other decorations. You can also make lanterns decorate the tables at the wedding, including the guest book table.


To create a dramatic effect, you can have lanterns lined along the path leading to the mandap.


Floating Candles: Think about using tall cylindrical or square glass vases of varying heights and placing floating candles in them. These look gorgeous and are perfect centerpiece for a table. Consider tinting the water with food coloring or adding glass pebbles, leaves, orchids, rocks, sparkles or marbles to the water. You can even have fish bowl with floating candles.


Having a poolside affair or a fabulous fountain- side fete? If you have any water body on the venue, than don’t forget to consider floating lanterns. They’re beautiful and available in various pattern to suit your theme. The lotus flowers lantern above gives such a romantic glow and looks very elegant.


Candle Tapers: Tall and thin, also known as dinner candles, can be placed on candelabras and placed on guest dinner tables.


Candle chandelier: Candles placed in chandelier arrangement has its own charm and adds a very romantic fell to the venue. Different kinds of candles can be used.


Gels candles :  Gel candles are soft and transparent candles which hold decorative wax items inside. These can make for unique favors or centerpiece accents.


For the biggest bang for your buck, paper lanterns offer a huge impact on your event and at a minimal cost. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and even shapes, these lanterns give you great versatility in décor. Incorporating cutout designs and perhaps a print on these bag create a custom look that won’t break the bank.


With easy installation, these lanterns look fabulous under a tent or indoors. Installation of these are as a simple as placing a light in a paper bag. These can line the walkways of your venue, adding more romance to a great setting, or they can be placed on tabletops as centerpieces or on a gift table spelling out the names of the newly married couple. . A simple design, when these are lit they give a romantic glow, but are also airy and somewhat whimsical before the sun sets.


Hanging lanterns: Whether camp lanterns hanging from the trees, chic vases and crackle glass mini lanterns hanging from the ceiling, modern chrome against an open window, vibrant colored indian inspired lanterns, or vintage lanterns hung from a tent, hanging lanterns add so much to a space. And to repeat  again, the lighting is so soft and beautiful.


Candles hanging in different shapes of glass vases , jars or containers look equally elegant .


A sky lantern, also known as Kongming lantern or Chinese lantern, is a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended . These wish lanterns will definitely light up your wedding or reception. Believe it or not, they’re eco-friendly and biodegradable too! You can have each guest tie a tag on their lantern with a wish for the couple. When the couple leaves everyone releases their lantern into the sky.  This is indeed creates a truly mesmerizing display, which is both noiseless and environmentally friendly. It is also believed the releasing of sky lanterns offer protection against evil spirits…just another reason to add it to your wedding


There is no end to the way simple candles and lanterns can change the way your wedding venue will look. So start thinking creatively and besurprised…

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