Running out of ideas for wedding favors / mehendi favors ??? What can be more pretty than the favors inspired by mehendi itself. Using this beautiful art, artist are now creating mementos that will last long unlike the heena that fades away in 10 days !! So lets look at what all is available !! […]


  In the wedding that captivated Bollywood throughout the month of April 2016, Bipasha Basu got married to Karan Singh Grover on 30th April. While the pre-wedding excitement was unmatched with exclusive invites, photo shoots etc. the wedding gifts that this Bollywood couple received were also unmatched. Here’s a peek of some of the exclusive […]


Its surprising but the metal you wear also makes a lot of difference. No wonder the kings and queens wore crowns of gold studded with precious stones !! Gold is a chemical and magnetically active element stimulates the biochemical processes in the human body, while silverware – suppress them. Any effects on biochemical processes of fashion jewelry in the body […]


Today let me discuss the benefits of wearing kamarbandh and Various precious stones ! Kamarbandh: A seductive ornament, kamarbandh or the waistband is a beautiful belt that adds grace to a bride. The ornament is designed in a manner that allows you to hold a bunch of keys, thus signifying the assumption of authority at the bride’s new […]


Anklets & Toe rings adds more than just beauty! Anklets: Payal or anklet is a traditional piece worn around the ankles, meant to announce arrival of the new bride in her husband’s house with its tinkling sound. Anklets also makes the women active. An anklet, which is usually made of silver, is a good conductor of […]