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If Rains are dampening your wedding spirit lets use it to make your wedding shine out 🙂

The smell of rain always manages to touch the romantic chord of our hearts. But tying a knot in monsoons is not an easy task . But you can incorporate rain in your weddings to make it pretty and romantic … Let me throw in some ideas to get you started ..

monsoon wedding

The month of monsoon known savan in hindu calendar has a lot of significance and is associated to swings, peacocks , lotus , etc.  Adding swings to the décor either hang it by the tree in case of an outdoor event or  have a garden swing decorated in accordance with the theme inside the hall can look very pretty . With photo booths in rage, it can serve as a photobooth or as a seat for the pristine bride & groom .

monsoon wedding6

The first think that comes to our mind when we see the rains apart from some beautiful bollywood scenes is Umbrella and you will be surprised to see how beautifully one can add umbrellas to the wedding décor . You can use miniature umbrellas as a centerpiece or place huge decorated umbrellas over the buffet tables or guest tables .

monsoon wedding7

Having an open ceremony and not sure of rain or sun? Place colorful umbrellas along all the chairs , it not only protects the guests from sun or rain but also adds to the décor . Or simply add umbrellas to your décor the way you want , throw it on the path leading to your mandap or just hang it upside .

monsoon wedding1

Peacocks love rains, and their pretty colored feather can enhance the beauty of any event . You can incorporate as much peacock as your heart desires in our theme . Starting with invites, centre pieces to the color of drapes and flowers used in your event. It can also be a part of your attire (peacock colored) or shoes.

monsoon wedding2

You can also offer peacock themed favors like clutchs and lanterns. But please don’t over do it. Too much of peacock theme articles everywhere can be overwhelming.

monsoon wedding3

My favorite is this peacock styled guestbook where each guest can sign or leave their fingerprint.

monsoon wedding4

Lotus bloom in this season and it can make your wedding space truly enchanting. You can use it as a part of your décor or centre the décor around it .You can use lotus blooms instead of any other flowers or make mandap with lotus theme in mind.

monsoon wedding5

You can also converted the pool in your wedding venue into a lotus filled pond, in case it’s a night event than use lotus shaped floating lanterns instead.  Lotus themed favors can use be gifted or simply tie a lotus to any favor to add to the theme.

monsoon wedding8

Having a two-three day affair or destination party include a day event with water and rain involved. Yes, celebrate with rain call it holi, rain dance or an event full of masti, I promise you this will be a superhit. Have a dj to play some fun music according to the taste of the crowd but definitely add some Bollywood item numbers to add the drama required to the event. Have a dance floor with some showers that throw out water. And in case it rains during your event your fun quotient only goes high. Arrange some water guns and water balloons or sponge bombs to re-ignite the child in your guests. Adding colors to the event can completely be your personal choice but in case you plan to do away with colors using flower petals can equally be fun.  And as far as the food counter is concerned have hot tea/coffee with some garma-garam pakoras and chats throughout the event apart from the cuisine you choose to serve. Adding some bhang-ki-thandai will be ultimate to keep your folks dancing their hearts out.


Happy Planning !!!



With dozens of wedding venues to choose from, deciding where to hold your event will likely be one of the most difficult decisions of your entire planning process. So once your list with selected few venue is ready with the help of my previous blogs pick up the phone and book your appointments with the venue managers to get the following answered and select your final destination.


Accommodate the Guest-list : It sounds obvious (because it is) but make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. The space may look enormous when it’s empty, but wedding essentials — tables, chairs, a buffet, a bar, the band or DJ setup, the dance floor — can take up a lot of space. Not to mention your guests will need some elbow room.

Bifurcate the venue space: There should be logical places within the space where guests can eat, drink, talk, and dance. When you’re standing in the space, try to envision where each activity would happen (especially if your ceremony will be there


Lighting: Light can make — or break — the mood and the space. If you’re marrying during the day, make sure your hall has plenty of windows. Who wants to spend six hours in a dark room when the sun is shining? If it’s an evening affair, make sure the room’s not too dim — or that the lighting can be controlled for the big entrance, dinner, and dancing. If you’re marrying outdoors, say, at dusk, will you be able to set up candles if necessary?

Time of the day: Visit the site at the same time of day that you’ve chosen for your wedding. Even if the space looks romantic by candlelight, you may be surprised by the sight of that 20-year-old carpet during the day.


Food : Given the amount of money you will spend on this category alone, you should be concerned about the type, quantity and quality of what you eat and drink. If in-house catering is provided, we suggest you sample different menu options prior to paying a facility deposit. If you’d like to see how a facility handles food setup and presentation, ask the caterer to arrange a visit to someone else’s party about a half hour before it starts.


Alcohol: If you serving it, better figure out what works best for you. Ask if you can get your own spirits and what is the corkage fee. And how do they charge?? Its is per person or as per consumption.

Religious Ceremony: Lot of places do not allow fire in any form inside the venue . Do check on this ?


Even if you really like the place ask them to give you the quote mentioning all the details and charges.

Before finalizing the venue visit all the other in your list and compare the quotes of the venues you liked before making the decision.

Happy Planning !!!

Sonam 🙂



Gone are the days where a couple would select the one wedding venue in their hometown and then check that task off the wedding planning list. Since the number of wedding venue options are infinite now, couples need to think about a wide variety of questions before the go ahead and select their space.

I am starting out this blog series which will enable you to pick perfect venue for your wedding…Today I am going to list the things you need to be prepared with before visiting a wedding venue.


1. The obvious one – find the your accomplice in crime ..I am sure this is done 🙂

2. Get the wedding dates: if your families with the help of a priest are going to decide this then try to get a few dates so that in case the venue   you liked is booked for particular date you still have another one. And the more flexible you are with the date, you can grab a better deal  🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            c

3. Guest Count: Should a you pick the venue before having a guest list or should you get a guest count and then pick the venue? It is not possible to have a guest count two weeks into the wedding planning process but if you don’t have an idea of what size wedding you are going to have you might land up with an unsuitable venue. Because a venue that hosts 100 guests cannot accommodate 250. So a rough count is needed to look at venues, as one of the first questions the venue will ask a couple is how many guests you’ll be hosting.


4. Banquet/ Open Garden space: This is definitely another important thing to be decided before shortlisting the venue. This has to be decided based on the weather conditions(which is obvious) and the kind of involvement you want to have . If you want to minimise the stress and hassle, then a marquee wedding or private rental are probably not right for you, a hotel wedding or a city banquet hall where things have been worked out to a tee, are the options more suitable for you .


5. Style : Deciding on the theme this early might be difficult so atleast think about the style. Do you know what kind of event you want? Will it be formal or informal? A traditional wedding or an innovative party? Will it be held at night or during the day?

6. And the most important of it all the BUDGET..


There is a lot more to the list which is detailed in my upcoming book . But this good to start with 🙂

Coming Next : How to create a list of shortlisted Wedding Venues 🙂

Happy Planning




Now that you have answered the questions to the previous blog (if not do it now .. click here). Let’s start a little guide to shortlist venues.


Start with jotting down all the venues which you think is apt for you, seek references from friends and family . Browse online for venues and once you have your extensive list ready . Strike out the venues that don’t match your requirements following the details listed below

1. Budget: Most important does it fit in your budget ? If not then simply strike off !!!

2. Availability: pick up the phone and check if the venue is available on the dates you looking for ?


3. Location: For many couples, it’s important that the location they select is easy for the majority of their guests to get to. Also check with parking !!

4. Sometimes, places have strict rules and regulations. If most of your guests smoke, then pick a location that doesn’t restrict smoking. If dancing and a big band are critical, then limit yourself to those locations that can accommodate them and the accompanying decibels.


5. Menu Options: Once you have shortlisted wedding venues according to their availability and budget, the next important thing is to think about menu which is going to be served in your event. Generally most of wedding venues these days have in-house catering team and chances are slim that they will allow external catering team but still if you like catering of a particular team you can ask it from manager of all wedding venues and can make your selection accordingly. If you are okay with using catering facility of wedding venues catering team then it is important to decide which food types can be made available and what you are planning to offer. Your choice will be limited and governed by things which that catering facility can provide.


6. Service: Also, it is important to think how food is going to be served. According to space at wedding venues and number of guests in your event, you can choose from family style, buffet or station setup.


Seek expert advice
Wedding websites such as this one are useful because they have details of a wide range of wedding venues at your fingertips.   If you’d like some assistance searching for a venue, a wedding venue finding service can help; tell them your requirements and they will search for a venue to suit you from their extensive list of wedding venues – many of which will be privately-owned.


Like  mentioned earlier these blog posts is good to start with if you need complete guidelines . My upcoming book will help ..

Coming next :  What to look for or ask at the wedding venue.

Happy Planning !!!

Sonaam 🙂