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If Rains are dampening your wedding spirit lets use it to make your wedding shine out 🙂

The smell of rain always manages to touch the romantic chord of our hearts. But tying a knot in monsoons is not an easy task . But you can incorporate rain in your weddings to make it pretty and romantic … Let me throw in some ideas to get you started ..

monsoon wedding

The month of monsoon known savan in hindu calendar has a lot of significance and is associated to swings, peacocks , lotus , etc.  Adding swings to the décor either hang it by the tree in case of an outdoor event or  have a garden swing decorated in accordance with the theme inside the hall can look very pretty . With photo booths in rage, it can serve as a photobooth or as a seat for the pristine bride & groom .

monsoon wedding6

The first think that comes to our mind when we see the rains apart from some beautiful bollywood scenes is Umbrella and you will be surprised to see how beautifully one can add umbrellas to the wedding décor . You can use miniature umbrellas as a centerpiece or place huge decorated umbrellas over the buffet tables or guest tables .

monsoon wedding7

Having an open ceremony and not sure of rain or sun? Place colorful umbrellas along all the chairs , it not only protects the guests from sun or rain but also adds to the décor . Or simply add umbrellas to your décor the way you want , throw it on the path leading to your mandap or just hang it upside .

monsoon wedding1

Peacocks love rains, and their pretty colored feather can enhance the beauty of any event . You can incorporate as much peacock as your heart desires in our theme . Starting with invites, centre pieces to the color of drapes and flowers used in your event. It can also be a part of your attire (peacock colored) or shoes.

monsoon wedding2

You can also offer peacock themed favors like clutchs and lanterns. But please don’t over do it. Too much of peacock theme articles everywhere can be overwhelming.

monsoon wedding3

My favorite is this peacock styled guestbook where each guest can sign or leave their fingerprint.

monsoon wedding4

Lotus bloom in this season and it can make your wedding space truly enchanting. You can use it as a part of your décor or centre the décor around it .You can use lotus blooms instead of any other flowers or make mandap with lotus theme in mind.

monsoon wedding5

You can also converted the pool in your wedding venue into a lotus filled pond, in case it’s a night event than use lotus shaped floating lanterns instead.  Lotus themed favors can use be gifted or simply tie a lotus to any favor to add to the theme.

monsoon wedding8

Having a two-three day affair or destination party include a day event with water and rain involved. Yes, celebrate with rain call it holi, rain dance or an event full of masti, I promise you this will be a superhit. Have a dj to play some fun music according to the taste of the crowd but definitely add some Bollywood item numbers to add the drama required to the event. Have a dance floor with some showers that throw out water. And in case it rains during your event your fun quotient only goes high. Arrange some water guns and water balloons or sponge bombs to re-ignite the child in your guests. Adding colors to the event can completely be your personal choice but in case you plan to do away with colors using flower petals can equally be fun.  And as far as the food counter is concerned have hot tea/coffee with some garma-garam pakoras and chats throughout the event apart from the cuisine you choose to serve. Adding some bhang-ki-thandai will be ultimate to keep your folks dancing their hearts out.


Happy Planning !!!



Just so that you know I love the attention to details Devika pays in her weddings …She is definitely one of my favorites in this industry …And she promised to do my 10th wedding anniversary ….


Devika what to do exactly do? I know you plan weddings but what is your role ?

DN: I strive to make every event beautiful, fun, and unique. I work closely with each client to ensure their event is seamless and all they’ve envisioned and more. Since each client is special, I only create custom experiences to ensure they receive the services that best suit their needs. 

In short, I take over the entire aesthetics of the wedding and tie it all together.


I absolutely love weddings! I believe in creating cohesive, beautiful, fun design that brings your vision to life. I am happy to take on as many or as few of the decorative elements of your occasion as you would like. From marquees and flowers to favors, I love custom designing each detail of the function to make sure they are as unique as you are!


In addition to planning amazing weddings, I would love to help with your next big celebration – anniversary, bridal shower, engagement party, dinner or even a corporate launch.


You don’t have to be planning a party to use my creative services. Need some photo shoot styling for your next editorial or engagement shoot? Let me design the details and style the set.


I am here to make sure your event is seamless and stress free. Given my experience with weddings, I can guide you through what works best at a wedding, assistance with menus and entertainment ideas to floor your guests.


How did you get into wedding planning?

DN: I majored in Literature from LSR and trained to be a journalist. After a series of internships and being disillusioned with the news scene, I decided to do something more creative. An entire summer later, after lots of ice cream and watching The Wedding Planner and a whole bunch of romantic comedies, I landed up at The Wedding Design Company (my first job!) and insisted they let me work with them. From a trainee to being one of their senior designers, I quit a year and a half ago to design beautiful, fun and intimate weddings on my own!


What is your favorite part of the job?

DN: Travelling 😀 My work takes me to lots of exciting places, from amazing destinations to the narrow lanes of Firozabad and Benaras where I source from.


How do you come up with such pretty details that makes the weddings you do truly beautiful?

DN: I do a lot of research, on the concept, idea, venue etc and try and use as much as I can from the couples own story. To weddings are an expression and extension of the couples personality and personal style. I also love using local elements, which is what makes every wedding unique.


Where do you look for inspiration?

DN: Everywhere from Paris to Sabyasachi to a deep-rooted love of bold, bright colors and vintage flea market finds.


Each wedding you plan, especially the way you do it, requires such a tremendous amount of effort. What keeps you going on a daily basis?

DN: An absolute love for what I do 😀 I love working on the small details and OCDing on various elements.


When you not working … what do you like investing your time into?

DN: I love reading and watching movies and I do a lot of both 😀 My favourite new possession is a small camera and whenever I get a chance I step out and shoot with it.


Can you explain the difference between planning a wedding and designing it?

DN: I love flowers and candles and all thing pretty, and these are the details I add to the wedding. As a designer, I look after all the aesthetics of a wedding: décor, styling of food and spaces and weave everything under a theme. The planner does the rest: hospitality, guest management, transport and entertainment. The designer takes care of the pretty and the planner of the logistics and guests.


Any experience/ challenge that you would like to share with us

 DN: It will have to be a wedding I recently designed in Jaisalmer. Being an offbeat wedding destination, it was a logistical nightmare. It had no airport and nothing available close by- the nearest city is Jodhpur which is 4 hours away. So we chose to work with what was locally available and designed an entire wedding using safas, block printed fabrics, lights and flowers that were grown locally.



Your advice for the would be brides who are amidst the planning process ?

DN: I always tell brides to hire a team that they are comfortable with. The people who put your wedding together are the ones who are standing next to you on what is one of the most important days of your life- you’d want them to be people who understand you and who you get along with it.  Opt for the planner/ photographer/hairstylist you get along with, than the one who is the best, but doesn’t understand what you want!

Also, DELEGATE!!! It’s your day, plan, but then hand it over to the experts and enjoy your wedding!


If you don’t mind sharing how do you charge … this I ask because a lot of people want you but discard the thought thinking their budget might not permit …

DN: My design and execution fee roughly starts at 2L per function, but I create custom packages depending on the scope of the project.


What is your current favorite color combination/theme/trend ?

DN: Less is more. Whether it the number of guests, food choices or décor.  The focus is a lot more on quality than quantity. Weddings are becoming more intimate with a lot more focus on guests having “fun”, because of which entertainment options are also becoming more innovative. In terms of décor, the look is more minimal, yet lush and abundant.

 I love using local flowers. There is nothing more gorgeous than the desi gulab and mogra. Another winter favourite is what you call ‘nargis’ in India. It is the cutest looking, most divine smelling flower in the world. Another favourite is the bougainvillea- unfortunately, it is a very fragile flower so I prefer floating it in large containers or just finding a venue with lots of it growing naturally J


Anything in particular that going forward you would want the brides to leave behind ?            

DN: Random thoughts:

  • I love that couples today are experimenting with destinations and choosing a holiday or weekend getaway wedding. The guest lists are becoming smaller -with more people opting for smaller weddings and larger receptions- and the choice of destinations becoming more interesting. Jaisalmer, Shimla and Kerala are some of the offbeat places where lots more weddings are happening. They are all quaint and not your traditional wedding destination.


  • I believe that if you have a pretty venue, half the battle is won. Which is why I insist on the importance on having a space with character- find an outdoor garden with lots of trees or a stately ballroom- whatever you prefer, but don’t compromise on the location. Last year, I designed a beautiful wedding in Jaisalmer. The wedding venue was an old run down haveli with overgrown grass and a large swimming pool. It was a rustic structure, surrounded by gorgeous trees right in the middle of a desert- almost like an oasis. We worked with the existing structure and enhanced areas by adding lights and flowers. Thousands of roses, specially brought in from Ajmer were floated in the fountains, fairy lights were wrapped on bougainvillea hedges and candles were hung from trees. The entire design was inspired by the maharajas- it was like discovering a royal palace in the middle of nowhere- there was no décor on the outside to suggest that it was the wedding venue. Guests were led to the pheras by local manganiyaars- which were in a courtyard surrounded by water. The dinner area was the grand finale with 32 sufi singers and long tables set with custom made glass candleabras.

Devika Narain (creator of “pretty weddings “)



Happy Planning !!

Sonaam 🙂


Okay for now this is the last one on photo booths …But this is important.. Now that you are having a photo booth there are a few rules to follow..

Place your photo booth tactfully :Where  you put your photobooth, matters. The closer to the bar – the better (makes sense right?!) If not near the bar area, then at the very least put it somewhere in the reception space room with the dance floor. DO NOT put it by itself on a different floor or other room tucked away in the back somewhere, hoping people go out of their way to find it . Your photobooth should be considered another piece of entertainment – so put it in the vicinity of the dance floor or bar.


Have a striking Backdrop : You don’t want Grandma’s old curtain as your photo backdrop, right? I have already discussed a few ideas for backdrop. You’re paying for a professional service – your photos should reflect that. Make sure the photo booth company you book with uses a real studio backdrop. Without it, your photos won’t look nearly as crisp.


Have a Pretty Booths : I’ve seen all kinds of unattractive photo booths. From rocket ships to a booth on sparkle steroids to booths the size of refrigerators, there’s a lot of heinous-looking booths out there. Make sure the booth you pick isn’t going to ruin the look of your event. Save yourself the trouble and get something attractive that adds to your event .


Have proper printing equipment : A big reason to hire a photo booth for your event is to keep your guests entertained. They won’t be happy if they spend all night waiting on photo prints. The event booth prints in less than 15 seconds, leaving your guests plenty of time to enjoy the event.

Have an Open Bar : I mean – yeah you don’t need to have alcohol to have a kickass photobooth – but it definitely won’t hurt…

 Have Props for Everyone: PROPS. Your photobooth company will probably provide props – but if you have any crazy ideas for props or want to bring your set – DO IT. Also – ANYTHING can be a prop. ANYTHING.I have already given you lots and lots of ideas about props


Have a GREAT Photobooth Attendant: This one is important to get some awesome pictures .Some photobooth attendants are basically just button pushers. Boring, boring, BORING button pushers. What you want is someone who will not only pull people into your photobooth – but that will also get the ‘best’ out of them once they’re in there. You don’t want 4 boring photos of them just staring blankly at the camera. You want different poses, different looks, and a lot of fun attitude! Your photobooth attendant is the emcee… of that 10 x 10 space … (I know, it’s like being the captain of a rowboat but whatever! He/she needs to be awesome!)

Never hire a Newbie or Unprofessional Attendants: You want to put your event in the hands of seasoned photo booth professionals not some teenager trying to make extra cash. A lot goes into the preparation, setup and operation of a photo booth, leave it to someone that knows what they’re doing. Because a newbie might not be able to perform well under pressure


And Yeah!! Tell your guests about the photobooth: You have spent quite a bit setting it up, so make sure your guests visit the photobooth. So, have it announced by the DJ/band – but one of the best ways to make sure people know you have a photobooth is by telling them. You don’t have to go around and notify every single person – but as the two people getting married – you should definitely make your own visit to the photobooth – and bring along your best friends. All of them.

These tips will make sure your photo booth is busier than your wedding buffet.

Here are some tips for the guests too…

You may be five cocktails down but please remember that these photos are not private. The image will linger long after your hangover has subsided,

  • What happens in the booth does not stay in the booth, even after a few cocktails


  • You know that phrase ‘Get a room’? Well, this is a booth and doesn’t duplicate as a private patch for petting – drunken snogs are better left on the dancefloor or round the back of the catering van. Save anything alarmingly lusty for later.
  • Sure, sure – selfies are all the rage, but would you normally send a pal an image of yourself looking sultry-eyed and luscious- lipped for the camera? Is that fun? Is it interesting? So why are you now taking 10 images of yourself making love to the lens? STOP IT.
  • Props are an expense, so please handle them with care and respect. And as the old elementary rule says, return your toys to where you got them from. Meaning if you walk out of the booth still holding a stick prop please don’t just throw it on the floor of the booth. Return it to its house on the prop table
  • DON’T: Hog The Booth(Most Important): We all know that a Photo Booth can be a lot of fun, but you have to remember that you are not the only one at the party. Just take your picture or video and leave. You can always come back for round 2!
  • Most of all- HAVE FUN AND BE SILLY!!! 


Happy Planning !!!



Okay!! pardon me for the overdose of Photo booths but trust me you are gonna like what I have in this 🙂

So, Lets discuss some basic but fun backdrops for your photo booth ..

Include the couple in all the pictures …Have the photograph of the couple printed in some quirky pose as the backdrop … Even better morph the couple in some bollywood poster and use it as the backdrop …this is a very good idea as whenever the guest looks at the picture they will instant recall the wedding and the fun couple …


This one is my favorite … Decorate a wall of cardboard/ply with lots of frames of different sizes and shapes  …Cut out a few frames so that the guest can pop themselves from those frames and try out different poses …



For your starry night , why not bring the moon on earth for you….this is so simple to setup yet looks so nice in pictures

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For Indian Wedding using decorated vehicles is quite a trend … These serve multiple purpose .. they are used as mode of entry for  bride & groom …they add to the decor …and they are perfect for the photo booth….


The auto-rickshaw  …. decorated with lots and lots of yellow and orange marigolds …Adds a lot of color and brightness to the decor and pics!!!


The colorful floral printed scooter …It can really drive your guest crazy clicking pictures…


The man driven rickshaw ….With a little decorations it can be the  highlight of the event …Well i have seen people queuing up to sit in it to get pictures clicked …


The romantic bicycle can be perfect for your romantic affair …Just spay paint them in a single color like blue/pink/red yellow and add contrasting flowers …and you are ready to click click click …


Swings … whether its the ‘savan ka jhula’ or vintage looking swings … It makes up for an elegant piece of decor , a wonderful photo booth and a fun thing for the kids during the after party …



Well its difficult to say which is more pretty the desi istyle or the classic english one … I love both ! Whats your take ?

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Kissing Booth – The perfect place for all the couple to get pictures clicked …Kiss or no kiss it adds a lot of romance ..

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Or just stick to very simple backdrops ….Use some golden helium balloons and mirrors … This is very classy …


You can just hang some fancy drape like this as a backdrop …Cheap , easy and prettty !!


I Hope I have convinced you in having a Photo Booth ….

Happy Planning !!!



A few more themes for the wonderful photobooth you are planning for your wedding !!



This photbooth is for the couples who appreciate the old world charm …Pretty and classy …

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Flowers and Antique finished wooden doors work the magic …

33b0d0bcdadc58dab8a72739f9aded7a 37fdd4682b1168e2d4d898b9e542dacb


Antique looking photo frames and chest, again with flowers creates the vintage look  …

bcf0363e7da28fa9715c338888a43e31 957ae74dbf7fb82676b45806f792e393  5503ceac69c53d93e22318be7c01cf5e 7292b06d3cbf378c77d49258491b3e6f c46a3c83b4691ff327d8e6d764492d9071bb87ae609abc09fc16bf1672300283

You like things simple and elegant ? Opt for something like these

036018d22da717121b06efb8557dc42e 5ea5827fc4f076fb9de0f70852855991      fdd670199d83fc17dd3674533ca6cc05

You don’t like anything Understated… Then work to create something fancy like this ….(This is my style :))


Vintage looking Couches,Wooden Chest, Fancy Mirrors , Cages , Frames …all form a part of this Vintage Look..


This is ultimate …If your budget permits hire a Vintage Car …You need nothing else …


And for the Props …Look for Vintage hats , Eye mask , Hand fans, cigars ,Bows etc…





This one can be as simple as a wooden backdrop with some hats and moustaches …


A little hay and some old wooden wheel add to the look …


Even the “wanted” cutout cardboard frame placed without any backdrop can work for this theme …


I kinda like the wanted frame done out of clothe in the picture below…


You can also have a picture of Ranch with the cowboy and cowgirl printed life size and then the faces can be cutout so that your guest can pop their head from the holes …This one will need no props at all ….

628x471 35743127a59ad14ada13021cc3e31276

Or you can create a Jail or a Ranch …

b0334adbf18b4aa884e36df98728711b d22a0ee5e5f056c740a062b4f1a141b3

Props must include Moustaches, hats ,scarfs , guns ,Bandana, etc ..Apart from these you can have some speech bubbles printed in cowboy styles …








Its the disco fever …Have a very colorful backdrop …


Add a shiny disco Ball 😉


You can also have cardbord cutouts in retro style….

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Or just colorful streamers/ribbons  and even just gold/silver work well as the backdrop …


And for the props have a lot of different hippie style wigs, colorful glasses , headphones , guitar, colorful tie,Microphone etc…


098dcde27744e02bac19d2ecfe433401e75b00b79de73f8f271db07dc82a9784   fcd56412973723cf1d99bc9e39a6a5cb

These are some ideas for printed props on a stick …But like I mentioned before its always good to have a mix of printed and real props …Follow this rule for all photo booths

Happy Planning !!


I still have more to share on Photo Booths :p