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Running out of ideas for wedding favors / mehendi favors ??? What can be more pretty than the favors inspired by mehendi itself. Using this beautiful art, artist are now creating mementos that will last long unlike the heena that fades away in 10 days !! So lets look at what all is available !!

  1. Mehendi inspired candles : Candles with henna on it definitely tops the list as this is very budget friendly and you can customize it with names of the guests or with couple’s initials .

mehendi favors

2. Cookies : A box of cookies is always a good idea but imagine them looking like this ??Beautiful na ?

mehendi favors2

3. Mason jars : Mason Jars with henna designs is a good favor option. You can fill them with candies or place a tea light candle in them.

mehendi favors1

4. Jewelry Box: Small boxes are always pretty to have and with henna designs it looks even more prettier. Fill it with some spices/mehendi or give  it empty !!!

mehendi favors3

5. Photo Frames : Add a leave from the couple along with intricate henna designs to make it more special

mehendi favors4

6. Glasses : Wine glasses / Shot glasses or cocktail glasses . Glasses with henna motifs on them looks so nice that everyone will want atleast one of it .

mehendi favors5

7. Phone Covers : We all are obsessed with our phone. Phone being our lifeline, who wont appreciate a beautiful cover for it .

mehendi favors6

8. Mugs : Coffee mugs have been a gifting option for quite sometime now, so mugs with intricate traditional henna motifs is a good favor choice.

mehendi favors7

9. Cutlery/ Plates : Choose any piece of cutlery or plates and get them printed with a design of your choice, you can also add the couples initials to make it more personal.

mehendi favors9

10. Shoes : We have all seen jutis/ mojaris at mehendi . Lets do something different this time!! Pick up some dancing shoes and print some henna motifs on it. So the girls throw away their heels and put on these shoes while they dance at your mehendi.

mehendi favors8

11. Clutches: Potlis and traditional clutch have seen a lot of mehendis. Lets just re-invent a little here. Pick up simple wallets /clutches and have some henna designs done on it and rock your party.

mehendi favors10

12. Bags : Whether a tote/ shopping bag or a basket printed with henna motifs are perfect gift idea fot your mehendi !!

mehendi favors11

So this is to get you started you can think of other items them you would want to personalize with henna motifs . Do share your ideas !!

mehendi favors12


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Planning your big day ?? Get all your questions answered here


Well yes finally I have something for the grooms … So it will avoid making it too wordy and let the pictures talk …


The dressing up for the day is the best set of pictures for the grooms …It can look so smart !!!


Click pictures of all that you put on urself to turn urself into a groom …


Attire …accessories …and yes the prestine juti (before it loses it shape in snatching & stealing ;))


The turban …a must …


Make sure to capture the moments when ur friends or family are dressing up their prince !!! Royal treatment doesnt happen often !!

2 Indian groom getting ready

Then comes the ride !!!


The ghodi …”Sitting on the white horse my prince will come fetch me ” may be a line out of the fairy tale but when live gives us a chance to live why not preserve perfect memories to re-live it …



Of the wedding procession (the Baraat)


Your entry !!! Why should bride have all the fun?? Enter in style …


Your own style 😉


Of the beautiful rituals that form a part in making you the Groom


Haldi …


Mehendi …


It could be as elaborate or as simple as one wants !!


Of the beautiful Welcome by the traditional aarti


or of the other wedding rituals !!!


With the tiny sarbala or vinayak if you have one ….


And remember to have some fun with your friends and get it clicked ….



Be a sport and capture them all because this is once in a lifetime experience !!


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I am sure Vishal Punjabi of the wedding filmer needs no introduction …. I like to call him the Dream-catcher… There is a reason that one of his wedding movies was screened in over 32 film festivals around the world….


From being a Bollywood director, what made you look into weddings and how was “Wedding Filmer” conceived?

VP: I was writing a Bollywood film about a wedding and I realized that I knew very little about the culture and dynamics of an Indian family. That’s when I shot my first wedding film. Once the couple saw it and I saw their reaction, there was no looking back.

Oh.. looking at the wedding movies made by you , sometimes I wonder How do you get the person, place or thing that is in front of the camera onto the film in just the way you want? I mean it’s a real time affair ..nothing is under your control but it always seems so perfect!

VP: I work with a really great team, and our idea is to get to know the couple and the family really well so they never feel like we’re intruding. Key is to shoot unobtrusively, with small cameras, and dress really well!

Locations and weather conditions seem to be a crucial aspect to a successful picture. How do you handle these unpredictable factors?

VP: There is no controlling external factor but to use it to you advantage. If it rains, there is always an opportunity to find beauty in that.

Share some of the challenges you have faced? How you tackled it? 

VP:People who are uncomfortable of the camera- get them drunk!  

Disorganized weddings- befriend the chachi!

Photographers getting in the way- important to meet them before and discuss so we respect each others space instead of stepping all over each others work.

What has been your most memorable experience?

VP: Shooting Kalki’s wedding in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani , was very memorable. I really enjoyed bringing the two worlds of weddings and film together seamlessly. When shooting a real wedding, you cant do any retakes, but with feature films you have a chance to make sure that every thing is exactly the way you want it. And what better subjects to have than Deepika, Ranbir, Kalki and Aditya! 🙂


What do you have to say about the equipment? Do they play a major role?

 VP: Yes, they do! We prefer using Sony A7s, small cameras, doesn’t make noise, shoots really well and makes it look like a movie!

What about editing?

VP: Lots of love and care goes into making and crafting these films and we work a lot with talent from Bollywood. Getting to understand the edit while we’re shooting is key.

What’s your inspiration?

VP: Meeting new people every time.

Do you think its important to connect to the couple prior to the wedding? if yes, how do you do the same?

VP: Very! We always make sure we have met the couple prior to showing up at their wedding so that we can all be comfortable. Knowing them well reflects in the way the film turns out. Every film and every couple is different and it helps to take some time out in the beginning to be on the same page.

Do you just provide with the wedding movie? Or its bundled with photographs?

VP: Just movies! We’re a bunch of filmmakers here.

Do you provide with photo/videophooths?

VP: Not yet!


If I am not mistaken your crew is just five members so do you actually shoot all the movies yourself ? How does your team work?

VP: Our team size varies depending on the scale of the wedding. If it is going to be an intimate, relaxed wedding of a day with 50 close family and friends in their personal backyard- we’d come with a team of 5. If its going to be a 3 day hectic wedding with a lot happening and many functions, then the size of the team can go up to 10.

Wedding cinematography was picked up very fast indeed …What do to think is the next thing to watch out for in this field?

VP: Doing live edits- so they get to relive the memories instantly.

What’s your advice to all the brides-to-be?

VP: Don’t get carried away with your wedding. Costs can go really high, focus on what is important to you.

And what do you have to say to all those who look up to you as their inspiration?

VP: It’s always a good idea to start small, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Put your heart into each film that you make and you will never be disappointed with the results.

–Vishal Punjabi

These are just a few questions and i am sure you have a lot more to ask and learn from him … So if you are lucky enough to be in bangalore on 17th of May , Catch him live and get all your questions answered …For details click here

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Sonaam 🙂


For me wedding is synonymous with bride …And the pictures of the bride .. Sorry grooms !! but this is definitely the most important part  of wedding photography … So let me high-light the must have bridal shots ….


The ultimate wedding attire …You have spend a lot of time selecting the it … You definitely want a picture of it …10422441_752596758165126_6260305014064899953_n

Bridal accessories …


Bridal shoes tops my list …but this list is endless …


Bridal clutch or polti ..

AC13_pc189_1 images-196x250

Bangles ….

Strand of Silk - Indian Wedding Blog - Must have Indian Accessories to complete your Bridal Attire - 05 - Gold Bangles

Payal …

95baa2215daaebcf5b7359558bf5f93a ZB102

Anything & Everything that forms the part of your wedding day !!


Don’t just click the before and after pictures …click pictures at every stage of the bridal makeover …


Next comes the dressing up set of pictures …


once your hair is done … once ur makeup is done …


And during the process too …


Also when you are adorning yourself …


Or ur friends and family are giving the final touches…


Then comes the typical bridal shots ….


Please don’t forgo this thinking its not your kind … its the only day when you can bat your eyes …look down and give those typical bridal poses … don’t miss it …


And after the shy bridal shots … go show off ur true self ….


Blow kisses ….wink at ur self …or just smile…do whatever you feel like at the moment …


Then comes the rituals …


Mehendi shots are my favorite …


Haldi shots look so pretty …





And please make sure you have shots of all – all ur rituals ….


This last one is the best one …And promises to give you pictures that you will absolutely adore …


Just have fun with your team bride ….and capture those precious moments ..

Harvard Photography

Your team of pretty girls will definitely make a picture worth framing …




Most important tip : Remember to have fun and enjoy every moment … and your pictures will reflect it ….


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Lets hear Ashima’s wedding story …
HR by profession, I am blessed with kashmiri and punjabi genes  as my dad is from kashmir and mom is punjabi. Very fun loving, lively, emotional but practical girl. But, as far as my wedding was concerned  I wanted everything in the perfect way.
Better half – Yash is opposite to me very shy, reserve , non practical but still very loving punjabi munda.
Love story: We met through a website and had a official meeting with family members respectively . He fell in love with me at first sight and wanted to marry me at any cost. But my family took some time before taking any decision. Many confusions, problems cropped in during this period of time. He use to call me daily but I hardly received his calls. Two months passed by and his love finally won me over …i said YES … It was because of his love and his persistence that we are together today…
Starting from roka ceremony , engagement , wedding every thing was planned by me and him (in chandigarh only). Our families were not in favor of many functions but still we both did every thing what we want. In fact i had maintained a dairy for every small thing .
I strongly recommend the best part of my wedding that was Prerna Khullar (Make up Artist). She made me beautiful bride for my D day.
I picked my wedding attire from Chandni Chowk ,New delhi …
Only one thing I will suggest to the bride-to-be: just enjoy every bit of your wedding cause this is such a beautiful experience that only come once in a life, So leave every thing just cherish this.
Pre wedding shoot- we selected beautiful kasauli for this session. We stopped on the way and had natural shoot I choose my favorite peach color as its very eye soothing and natural. It was indeed the best day for me.
22317_898630676865858_6498798827051279230_n 10167941_898630223532570_7831207297145141350_n
We started shooting in the highway  right in the middle of the road. I remember one aunty shouted at me “marna hai kya ..ghar nahi jana aaj”
(I like the way brides are opting for non traditional pre wedding shoots … picking their favorite locations and recreating their courtships scenes …)
(I am also a fan of the desi look for the pre wedding shoots … Bollywood ishytle …)
This was the real fun we had  as we were not finding any place to change the attire. Finally we went to some shop and requested him for store (for changing)
The best part of my pre wed shoot. I love farms and wanted to re-create yash chopra movie scene…

-Ashima Bali
My top pick from ashima’s wedding …Her awareness that her eyes are her most beautiful feature ..and she has managed to highlight it beautifully 🙂
Happy Planning !!