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Beautiful jewellery literally comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a ring, bracelet, necklace, a pair of earrings or cufflinks that you are looking for, there are more choices out there than you can imagine. Among the most sought-after jewellery designs, nature is one of the most celebrated themes. From fierce animals shimmering in dazzling gemstones to ephemeral blossoms captured forever in precious gold, the jewellery kingdom of fauna and flora is full of sumptuous finds. Get out there, explore and hunt down your favourite!


Fauna Fantastic
The animal kingdom has always inspired fashion with its animal prints and reptile textures. If you’re the kind who’s a bit conservative about going wild with outfits, your accessories can help you embrace this trend with grace. Nothing grabs attention like a larger than life accessory; you can contrast modest outfits with over-the-top animal inspired watches, necklaces and cocktail rings.


If going animalistic is a bit too much for the nonchalant girl in you, go subtle with quirky rings and brooches that draw just the right amount of attention.
Tantalizing Trends
Luckily Indian jewellery has constantly been inspired by nature and you don’t restrict yourself to western statement pieces. Pick up vintage kundan peacock earrings and play with them to suit your ensemble – go all out in traditional attire or elephant meenakari pieces, just remember to keep it fun.


The golden jewelry designs inspired by animals are strongest fashion trends. For women with a passion for precious accessories, decorative art jewelry with animal motifs is a real trill.
Contemporary jewellers meticulously craft handmade art jewelry such as gold panther bracelet that reflects passion for form, abstraction and geometry. This exquisite art piece will make every woman feel beautiful and sexy.


Tradition of the sophisticated golden jewelry designs, created in the forms of insects and animals, dates from centuries. Cats such as lions, panthers and pumas symbolize power, while bulls sovereignty and wealth. Dogs mean fidelity, butterflies are symbol of the soul, and salamanders and lizards of passionate love. Leopard motif is reminiscent of the Art Deco era.


Dare to be bold and add a bit of exotic edge to your style with an animal cocktail ring. You won’t believe how many compliments you’ll receive when you unleash your wild style. It makes for the perfect conversation starter for any stylish lady.The rings are the perfect way to really break the mold and have fun with your jewelry collection. You most likely already have classic ring styles, so why not let go of your inhibitions and try one of the frisky baubles.Turn heads with some wild cocktail ring.

If you’re looking to play up your playful side, try one of the rings that are inspired by under-water animals. Summer will never leave your side when you slip on a dazzling deep-sea companion. Choose from turtles, fish, crabs, frogs and even a beautiful beluga whale encrusted with diamond, aquamarine and sapphire stones. Anyone can pull off a Tiffany-cut diamond, but women with a dash of wild style will appreciate these bejeweled bumblebees, dolphins, alligators.

You can bring out your inner cat woman with cat inspired jewellery!

Animals, reptiles and birds have been a major source of inspiration for jewellery designers, world over. Polar Bears of the Arctic, Coastal Brown bears from Alaska, Penguins from Patagonia, and of course the dogs and the horses have also inspired some of the designs!


Vogue Revival

Wildlife has been roaming in Boucheron’s kingdom since 1858 when the Parisian jeweller opened its first boutique on 26 Place Vendome. The serpent, along with other creatures, has been a Boucheron icon since the late 19th century and animal design is still one of the maison’s greatest fortés today.

Recently, Cartier celebrated its Panther collection’s 100th anniversary. Bulgari is known for its serpent-inspired pieces, and New York-based jewellery designer Pamela Love seeks inspiration from hawk talons and feathers.
Animal-inspired jewellery offers a new dimension where centuries-old craftsmanship unleashes its power with imaginative silhouettes and the creative use of diverse gemstones—elegant, fanciful, and simply exuberant.The trend can be spotted on stylists, bloggers, celebrities and fashionistas. Versatile, quirky and effortless, this jewellery trend had its roots in history and reappeared recently. You can always team it up with any of your outfits, western and ethnic alike.
For all those who love being trendsetters and are proud of being the talking point in their group, snag yourself an animal inspired piece and stay trendy.Worn alone, or paired with your everyday jewellery, they create an offbeat and eclectic vibe.

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Some bridal tips that should not slip your mind for that princess like look ..

Don’t oil or cream-based products : Oil secretion is accelerated during the monsoons, so make sure you wash your face with a mild face wash around three-four times a day. You could also use a gentle scrub with mild beads once a day. It is important to recognise what suits your skin and what doesn’t well ahead of your wedding day. Cream based makeup products are best suited for winter season only. As a monsoon bride, stay away from both cream and oil based products. Such products can melt and become runny. So, whether it is blush or even eyeshadow, nothing that is cream-based is recommended. After all, your skin is your crowning glory and you don’t want anything to mar your bridal beauty.

Don’t go overboard with glitters and shimmers: You do want to look all glitzy and glamorous on your wedding. But since it is the monsoon season, it is best that you avoid any glitter or shimmer on your skin. These products will add extra shine on your face making your skin appear oily. An intelligent option is to switch over to a good quality matte bronzer for a classy and sophisticated look. Especially if you have a day time wedding, it is best to stay away from glitters and shimmers.

Don’t step out without sunscreen : Don’t think its cloudy so the sun will not harm you. You would do well to remember that sunscreen is your best friend throughout all seasons. In fact, sunscreen also protects the skin from harmful UV rays that are emitted by your computer screens and television sets! Make a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher factor part of your bridal beauty regime and put your tanning and pigmentation woes to rest.

Don’t experiment with anything new just before the wedding :  Tempted to try out a new beauty treatment you looked up on the internet? Think that a newly introduced cream will add to your bridal glow? Think again. Your skin may not feel the same way you do and you do not want to end up with a nasty reaction barely days before your marriage.

Don’t neglect your skin : While you’re busy running around on last-minute errands and making sure everything is in place, your skin is begging for some spa indulgence. Unwinding with a relaxing facial regularly will ensure that you, as well as your skin, feel like a million bucks on the day you are to wed. However, a word of caution, get these facials done by professionals who can customize it to your skin type, to avoid any ill-timed reactions.

Don’t forget to remember your feet : Good foot care starts with some tender love, soak your feet in warm water and use a pumice stone to gently scrub away loose skin. Treat your feet while you sleep – slather on a thick moisturizer and slip into a pair of socks, which will help seal in moisture overnight. Go for regular pedicure sessions, after all you do need good feet to rock those stunning shoes!

 Don’t compromise on your beauty sleep : This one is for all weathers. As you count down the days to your wedding, it is absolutely okay to feel restless, it’s part of being the bride after all. However, make it a point to get at least seven hours of sleep every night and catch a few winks in between occasionally. If you feel uncharacteristically lethargic, try some yoga to boost your energy levels.

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The finale act for the fashion event was hosted by none other than designer Manish Malhotra at The Leela hotel in Chanakyapuri.

manish malhotra8

The line titled ‘The Empress Story’ began on a high, showcasing a preview to his ‘Manish Malhotra London’ label with limited edition pieces, and a men’s wear capsule collection.

manish malhotra4

A bright red, deep neck gown with silver mushroom flower embroidery on the flared skirt caught everyone’s attention and set the mood for what was to follow. The line moved on to a deep coffee brown, maroon, green, metallic silver and deep purple shades, with very chic shell-shaped belts and pink flower embroideries running across the length of the dress.

manish malhotra1

The ramp was decorated with rose garden flowers and chandeliers to reflect the grandeur of the collection.

manish malhotra10

The design of the collection was influenced by his passion for reviving centuries-old Indian craftsmanship. Each outfit in the collection was special as there were limited editions and it presented Indian intricate detailing on classic western silhouettes.

manish malhotra2

From textured fabrics, voluminous gown-like silhouettes that could be worn as an ode to ‘lehengas’, trails of exquisite silk and intricate embroidery were some of the highlights of the line.

manish malhotra6

The colour palette moved from metallic silver and antique gold to rich burgundy, old rose pink, pearl grey and coffee brown.

manish malhotra9

There were also elaborate mushroom-flower and bird motifs in delicate threadwork, bringing to life the legacy of exquisite craftsmanship that the designer is known for.

manish malhotra5

The couture soiree also shared a glimpse into the Manish Malhotra men’s collection that varied from structured jackets, trench coats and waistcoats, in hues of blue and black with a touch of intricate embroidery. The men’s Collection will be available at the brand’s standalone men’s boutique in Delhi this winter.

manish malhotra3

I simply loved the use of dark sunglasses with the Red velvet Jackets !!

manish malhotra

Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai Bachchan walked as the lovely showstopper for the couturier, looking beautiful in a deep burgundy lehenga with floral embroidery, a matching blouse and a sequins shrug. The short sequined jacket gave the outfit a different look altogether, and the unusual earthy color brought out her eternal beauty to the fore!

manish malhotra7

Master couturier Manish Malhotra’s collection ‘The Empress Story’ left audiences ‘empressed’

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Sonaam 🙂

The last day of the Amazon India Couture Week 2015 ended on a note of evening glamour and luxury. Delhi-designer Manav Gangwani started with an afternoon show at Taj Palace hotel called ‘Le’amoureuse’, meaning the beloved, which included a host of evening dresses fit to seduce any lover.

manav ganwani3

The designer took the fashionistas to a floral garden to celebrate the sensuality of a woman depicted through the avenue of fashion.

manav ganwani4

The collection this time is a french collection. A lot of bead work, embroidery and glitter is seen in his collection.

manav ganwani2

The collection featured a variety of textures and colours like gunmetal grey, fresh peachy coral, ethereal aqua and finally purple. A host of opulent fabrics were used to dramatize the garment like sheer tulle, glimmering sequin georgettes; translucent organza and even sheer French laces.

manav ganwani1

Dreamy ethereal cuts, gown saris, gowns structured seductively to the contours of the body and innovative pant suits were some of the pieces that celebrated the feminine yet modern woman.

manav ganwani7

It was more of a red carpet, formal evening wear and formal day wear. His couture usually is all about bridal wear and it has very strong Indian influence, but this time he went for something completely different and unexpected. He has given it a very international twist while retaining his design, the cuts and finishing

manav ganwani9

Butterflies ruled the roost, for all means and purposes, at the show as the designer’s French inspired collection had the fluttering insect as its main motif. Interestingly, artist GR Iranna, who was making a live painting throughout the show also concluded his art work with the image of a beautiful butterfly.

manav ganwani5

The entire collection was exquisitely embroidered with timeless thread work and rich workmanship, complemented with contemporary applique and sparkling sequins. Swarovski elements were used imaginatively throughout the collection, adding another dimension to glamour.

manav ganwani6

Vibrant, romantic, elegant and still with an element of risque is an apt description to this collection, which is a great mix of the feminine and the contemporary. This couture collection showcases the best of what the MG brand is loved for while embracing new colours and silhouettes for the modern Indian woman.

manav ganwani

Apart from lavish set with romantic French tracks in the background, the queen of bollywood walked the Ramp in a 30 kg attire !! Actress Kangana Ranaut walked as the showstopper in this stunning purple gown. An unusual color, beautiful detailing and a perfect fit is what will give you the diva look, just as you see it here on this ‘Queen of Bollywood.’

manav ganwani8

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The third show of the day was a tribute to Hindi Cinema by designer Debarun. Making his debut on the couture scene Debarun is  Kolkata-based designer. Presented in collaboration with Heroine, the collection drew inspiration from different eras of Bollywood.


The entire show was set in different eras of Bollywood, starting from 1920’s to the 2015. Debarun beautifully merged the iconic style of the different era with his Indian couture collection.


The difference between each era was evident in the change in the colour palette and music. The black and white era started on the beautiful melody of ‘Chalte Chalte’ with beautiful Aditi Rao Haydari playfully walking the ramp, an elegant treat to the eyes. She looked ethereal in a grey lehenga reminiscent of the black and white movies of the ’40s. Flapper fringe, black and greys came with the looks presented in this era.


The palette then moved on to Eastman Colour of the ’50s and ’60s.  Then the era shifted to the groovy 70’s with loud, bright colours, followed by the Technicolour of the ’80s .


The colour palette again turned subtle with the ’90s and the show ended with an ode to the current times where we saw the return of tradition with a touch of modernity.


Rounding off the show was Inkaar actress Chitrangda Singh who looked lovely in a white lehenga finished with rich red embroidery.The diva gracefully put an end on the visual treat, winning the hearts of the photographers and audience alike.


Hand-woven textiles, silks and velvets were finished with zardozi, beadwork and thread embroideries. The men too were seen rocking churidars, salwars and trousers that had a touch of interesting elements.



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