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Witness a unique two day event,with a blend of ethnic & contemporary fashion, jewellery, hand crafted products & accessories !! Whats more ?? Its on weekday so that you can attend the exhibition at ease !!

Date : 23 &24 th June

Venue : Ritz Carlton , bangalore .

A Must visit !!

Lets discover why should you attend the exhibition ?? To start with it is a perfect destination for selecting some beautiful jewellery and bridal wear. And thats not it we can find some exclusive Sarees, Accessories like Luxury Brands Handbags, Belts,Eye wear, Shoes, Watches and handpicked Interior & Exterior Home Decor Products!!


Now lets go through who all you can find exhibiting their fineries for you ?

Fashion is all about expressing yourself without speaking a word. So lets start with the perfect bridal collection that’ll sweep you off your feet.

Tamana : Tamanna is a bridal and pret couture Multi designer store in bangalore. Visit them at the exhibition for  designer and Handloom saris, lehengas, suits, suit fabrics, blouses, indo western, bridal, wedding wear and custom clothing for women.


Pooja Bagaria Jhunjhunwala (PBJ):PBJ is a designer label that fabricates the finest quality of cocktail wear for women. A perfect blend to traditional wear with western silhouettes.


Minkse: One-stop online store for cashmere stoles, handbags, fashion accessories for men and women, home décor!


Explore the wide range of Indian ethnic clothing, offering apparels ranging from traditional designs to modern contemporary by Aanchal Gallery.


Amrapali was a renowned royal courtesan , she is also the timeless symbol of a Muse, one who brings you inspiration, intuition and higher vision through her timeless beauty and grace. The timelessness of the legend, and its immediate association to feminine beauty, delight and India’s heritage make it the ideal association for the brand.


ANANYA JEWELS is a brand built on the passion to create extraordinary jewels that celebrate every woman’s beauty.


Fiona Solitaires:  The new age solitaires are indeed “A Girl’s New Best Friend” since they come with a Life Time Warranty and 100% Buy Back.


ARNAV-Jewellery from the Heart : It is  a jewellery boutique in Bangalore featuring jewellery designed and curated by Ashwini Oza, the chief aesthete.


Sri Ganesh presents their authentic and unique style of gold jewellery collections .Get the divine look on your special day by adorning yourself with their timeless collections.


BlueStone is India’s No.1 online jewellery destination that showcases high quality fine jewellery with strikingly exquisite designs. They believe that the need for jewellery is a cry for romance, and jewellery is best bought in a close huddle with your loved one!


DuaVivo is an exuberant community of responsible luxe lovers. Their purpose lies in their name – DuaVivo, meaning The Second Life. All they do, is, give a second life to your much-loved luxury products. DuaVivo brings you the widest collection of elegant fashion accesories to make you feel magnificent.


With PRYM, experiment with fashion and discover your personal style, an initiative by Arvind .Get the exclusive offline experience at Fashion Jalsa.


Well there is much more and most importantly we will be there too and you can grab your copy of The Great Indian wedding Planner


Happy Shopping!!!


Planning your big day ?? Get all your questions answered here







Running short of ideas to gift ?? Well let me help me … I have hand picked a few gifts just to have life a little simpler for you … As your big day approaches you definitely want to make extra special for one another, marking each milestone and gifting each other sweet nothings to had more flavour to the day !!

Hundred Reasons I Love You


Guys being guys might find it difficult to express yourself so this is a perfect gift !! This funky bucket has scrolls of amazing messages that expresses your love for her !! About a hundred little things explaining why you love her in this smart package are sure to bring magic into your lives.

 Name A Star


Get a real star in the sky named after Her. It’s the perfect way of telling her that she is  the center of your universe!  In this unique gift the Intergalactic Star Database / CCP in UK assigns the name of your choice to a unique star in the sky and a nice gift pack with complete registration details is sent out to you anywhere in India.

Queen Personalised Apron

id1589 id1589-1

The best food in the world comes from the kitchen she rules! This apron that is personalised with her name keeps her day clothes clean and is the perfect cooking accessory. Even if she doesnt cook often its still a very cute gift 🙂

Land On The Moon


This unique and romantic gift provides ownership of a piece of land on the moon. So the next time you look into the night sky you can tell her  ‘You own a piece of that!’ . So romantic !!  When you buy this gift, the International Lunar Embassy in UK will register and assign a unique acre of land in your name. A Amazing Gift Co gift box with the deed, documents and souvenir coaster along with a personalised message is then sent to you.

Message In A Bottle

id822 id822-2

Make a lasting impression on her – send her a message in a bottle! Its a classic romantic gift and promises to win any heart but the message has to be yours . She will receive a corked bottle like it travelled across thousands of miles of ocean and land! Inside are some shells, sand and your message on rolled paper.

Romeo And Juliet Tribute Book

id437 id437-1

Does she loves reading ? She will treasure nothing more than this !! trust me !It is a truly unique gift get the complete Romeo & Juliet book customised with your names in it! This book is the entire original Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet play but with the characters’ names replaced by your names through-out the play! The personalised book also carries some pages introducing one of the world’s most romantic stories and a guide to Shakespeare’s literature.

Love Times

id1501 id1501-1

And Making her feature in the newspaper will make any day special for her !! Here’s a print of a newspaper front-page complete with your own story and headlines! With many quotes, articles and little tit bits about love and romance all over it – the Love Times is one of the most romantic gifts ever!

Personal Magazine Cover

id153 id153-1

Make her famous today ! Get an image and headline of your choice on the cover of popular magazines. A double-sheet cover in which a magazine can be inserted to surprise someone is shipped to you! Its a beautiful surprise.

Compact Photo Jewelery Box


If you plan to gift her a piece of jewelery this forms a perfect package . So simple yet so personal . Add the personal touch with this compact jewelry box personalised with your photo and caption makes a useful and unique gift. It can conveniently hold jewellery and other smaller objects as it sits pretty in a dresser.

Initials Personalised Ring

id1512 id1512-1

Diamonds are women’s best friend but she can be wooed by thoughtful gestures too. This lovely personalised ring carries the intials of the two of you along with a heart in the middle. It makes the perfect romantic gift and looks awesome too!

Pictures On Flowers

id1509 id1510

For the girl who loves flower give her a rose to preserve memories . Roses are symbolic of love and a message or your picture on it makes it extra special. So here are two variety to have picture with message or just the message.

Bride To Be Sash


Miss Universe isn’t the only that gets to wear a sash!


Happy Shopping !!




Just so that you know I love the attention to details Devika pays in her weddings …She is definitely one of my favorites in this industry …And she promised to do my 10th wedding anniversary ….


Devika what to do exactly do? I know you plan weddings but what is your role ?

DN: I strive to make every event beautiful, fun, and unique. I work closely with each client to ensure their event is seamless and all they’ve envisioned and more. Since each client is special, I only create custom experiences to ensure they receive the services that best suit their needs. 

In short, I take over the entire aesthetics of the wedding and tie it all together.


I absolutely love weddings! I believe in creating cohesive, beautiful, fun design that brings your vision to life. I am happy to take on as many or as few of the decorative elements of your occasion as you would like. From marquees and flowers to favors, I love custom designing each detail of the function to make sure they are as unique as you are!


In addition to planning amazing weddings, I would love to help with your next big celebration – anniversary, bridal shower, engagement party, dinner or even a corporate launch.


You don’t have to be planning a party to use my creative services. Need some photo shoot styling for your next editorial or engagement shoot? Let me design the details and style the set.


I am here to make sure your event is seamless and stress free. Given my experience with weddings, I can guide you through what works best at a wedding, assistance with menus and entertainment ideas to floor your guests.


How did you get into wedding planning?

DN: I majored in Literature from LSR and trained to be a journalist. After a series of internships and being disillusioned with the news scene, I decided to do something more creative. An entire summer later, after lots of ice cream and watching The Wedding Planner and a whole bunch of romantic comedies, I landed up at The Wedding Design Company (my first job!) and insisted they let me work with them. From a trainee to being one of their senior designers, I quit a year and a half ago to design beautiful, fun and intimate weddings on my own!


What is your favorite part of the job?

DN: Travelling 😀 My work takes me to lots of exciting places, from amazing destinations to the narrow lanes of Firozabad and Benaras where I source from.


How do you come up with such pretty details that makes the weddings you do truly beautiful?

DN: I do a lot of research, on the concept, idea, venue etc and try and use as much as I can from the couples own story. To weddings are an expression and extension of the couples personality and personal style. I also love using local elements, which is what makes every wedding unique.


Where do you look for inspiration?

DN: Everywhere from Paris to Sabyasachi to a deep-rooted love of bold, bright colors and vintage flea market finds.


Each wedding you plan, especially the way you do it, requires such a tremendous amount of effort. What keeps you going on a daily basis?

DN: An absolute love for what I do 😀 I love working on the small details and OCDing on various elements.


When you not working … what do you like investing your time into?

DN: I love reading and watching movies and I do a lot of both 😀 My favourite new possession is a small camera and whenever I get a chance I step out and shoot with it.


Can you explain the difference between planning a wedding and designing it?

DN: I love flowers and candles and all thing pretty, and these are the details I add to the wedding. As a designer, I look after all the aesthetics of a wedding: décor, styling of food and spaces and weave everything under a theme. The planner does the rest: hospitality, guest management, transport and entertainment. The designer takes care of the pretty and the planner of the logistics and guests.


Any experience/ challenge that you would like to share with us

 DN: It will have to be a wedding I recently designed in Jaisalmer. Being an offbeat wedding destination, it was a logistical nightmare. It had no airport and nothing available close by- the nearest city is Jodhpur which is 4 hours away. So we chose to work with what was locally available and designed an entire wedding using safas, block printed fabrics, lights and flowers that were grown locally.



Your advice for the would be brides who are amidst the planning process ?

DN: I always tell brides to hire a team that they are comfortable with. The people who put your wedding together are the ones who are standing next to you on what is one of the most important days of your life- you’d want them to be people who understand you and who you get along with it.  Opt for the planner/ photographer/hairstylist you get along with, than the one who is the best, but doesn’t understand what you want!

Also, DELEGATE!!! It’s your day, plan, but then hand it over to the experts and enjoy your wedding!


If you don’t mind sharing how do you charge … this I ask because a lot of people want you but discard the thought thinking their budget might not permit …

DN: My design and execution fee roughly starts at 2L per function, but I create custom packages depending on the scope of the project.


What is your current favorite color combination/theme/trend ?

DN: Less is more. Whether it the number of guests, food choices or décor.  The focus is a lot more on quality than quantity. Weddings are becoming more intimate with a lot more focus on guests having “fun”, because of which entertainment options are also becoming more innovative. In terms of décor, the look is more minimal, yet lush and abundant.

 I love using local flowers. There is nothing more gorgeous than the desi gulab and mogra. Another winter favourite is what you call ‘nargis’ in India. It is the cutest looking, most divine smelling flower in the world. Another favourite is the bougainvillea- unfortunately, it is a very fragile flower so I prefer floating it in large containers or just finding a venue with lots of it growing naturally J


Anything in particular that going forward you would want the brides to leave behind ?            

DN: Random thoughts:

  • I love that couples today are experimenting with destinations and choosing a holiday or weekend getaway wedding. The guest lists are becoming smaller -with more people opting for smaller weddings and larger receptions- and the choice of destinations becoming more interesting. Jaisalmer, Shimla and Kerala are some of the offbeat places where lots more weddings are happening. They are all quaint and not your traditional wedding destination.


  • I believe that if you have a pretty venue, half the battle is won. Which is why I insist on the importance on having a space with character- find an outdoor garden with lots of trees or a stately ballroom- whatever you prefer, but don’t compromise on the location. Last year, I designed a beautiful wedding in Jaisalmer. The wedding venue was an old run down haveli with overgrown grass and a large swimming pool. It was a rustic structure, surrounded by gorgeous trees right in the middle of a desert- almost like an oasis. We worked with the existing structure and enhanced areas by adding lights and flowers. Thousands of roses, specially brought in from Ajmer were floated in the fountains, fairy lights were wrapped on bougainvillea hedges and candles were hung from trees. The entire design was inspired by the maharajas- it was like discovering a royal palace in the middle of nowhere- there was no décor on the outside to suggest that it was the wedding venue. Guests were led to the pheras by local manganiyaars- which were in a courtyard surrounded by water. The dinner area was the grand finale with 32 sufi singers and long tables set with custom made glass candleabras.

Devika Narain (creator of “pretty weddings “)



Happy Planning !!

Sonaam 🙂


Want that picture perfect gorgeous skin while saying your vows? Here’s what you need to do to get that flawless skin!


  • Do go in for high quality protein food such as fish, poultry, shellfish and tofu. Colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains will also do the trick.
  • Do not however entirely cut down on fat. You could keep snacking on nuts and seeds which will prevent you from getting a dull and dry complexion.
  • Drink your way to luminous skin with beverages pumped up with antioxidants such as green tea. Six to eight glasses of water everyday keeps your skin moisturized and well hydrated.
  • Watch out for sugar, processed foods, aerated beverages, baked products and juices as they tend to dull out your skin and also add a couple of pounds. Got a sweet tooth? Can’t stay away from them? Stick to fresh fruits and dark chocolate (70% cocoa).
  • Exercise! Sweat out those toxins! Pilates, yoga, weight training and aerobics, three to four times a week for an hour can work wonders for your skin. It turns out; athletes have thicker skin and a healthier collagen. When we work out, we rid the body of environmental toxins.
  • Want in on an anti-aging secret? A good night sleep! That’s all you need to let your skin cells repair any damage done.




  • Facials! Experts say schedule a series of monthly facials beginning as early as six months before your wedding. To help make sure that your skin looks healthy and perfect on your wedding day they advise your last facial to be no later than two weeks before the big day. Avoid any chemical treatments at least one month prior to your wedding.
  • Do not experiment with any new skin care products a month before your wedding. Trying out something new may cause skin rashes and cause breakouts. Stick to your regular skin care routine.
  • Hair removing treatments such as eyebrow threading and waxing should be done three to five days before your big day. Keep the redness and irritations at bay!
  • And last but not the least, dress rehearsals! The worst thing would be to walk out of a salon on your wedding day to look and feel nothing like you. Keep away those tears and do a trial run with your hair, make up and bridal wear, a week or two before your wedding.

And the most important thing of all – be yourself! Be beautiful!

Begin the routine as early as you can. Go on, make that skin glow!

Your Style Expert



Happy Grooming !!!



I am sure Vishal Punjabi of the wedding filmer needs no introduction …. I like to call him the Dream-catcher… There is a reason that one of his wedding movies was screened in over 32 film festivals around the world….


From being a Bollywood director, what made you look into weddings and how was “Wedding Filmer” conceived?

VP: I was writing a Bollywood film about a wedding and I realized that I knew very little about the culture and dynamics of an Indian family. That’s when I shot my first wedding film. Once the couple saw it and I saw their reaction, there was no looking back.

Oh.. looking at the wedding movies made by you , sometimes I wonder How do you get the person, place or thing that is in front of the camera onto the film in just the way you want? I mean it’s a real time affair ..nothing is under your control but it always seems so perfect!

VP: I work with a really great team, and our idea is to get to know the couple and the family really well so they never feel like we’re intruding. Key is to shoot unobtrusively, with small cameras, and dress really well!

Locations and weather conditions seem to be a crucial aspect to a successful picture. How do you handle these unpredictable factors?

VP: There is no controlling external factor but to use it to you advantage. If it rains, there is always an opportunity to find beauty in that.

Share some of the challenges you have faced? How you tackled it? 

VP:People who are uncomfortable of the camera- get them drunk!  

Disorganized weddings- befriend the chachi!

Photographers getting in the way- important to meet them before and discuss so we respect each others space instead of stepping all over each others work.

What has been your most memorable experience?

VP: Shooting Kalki’s wedding in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani , was very memorable. I really enjoyed bringing the two worlds of weddings and film together seamlessly. When shooting a real wedding, you cant do any retakes, but with feature films you have a chance to make sure that every thing is exactly the way you want it. And what better subjects to have than Deepika, Ranbir, Kalki and Aditya! 🙂


What do you have to say about the equipment? Do they play a major role?

 VP: Yes, they do! We prefer using Sony A7s, small cameras, doesn’t make noise, shoots really well and makes it look like a movie!

What about editing?

VP: Lots of love and care goes into making and crafting these films and we work a lot with talent from Bollywood. Getting to understand the edit while we’re shooting is key.

What’s your inspiration?

VP: Meeting new people every time.

Do you think its important to connect to the couple prior to the wedding? if yes, how do you do the same?

VP: Very! We always make sure we have met the couple prior to showing up at their wedding so that we can all be comfortable. Knowing them well reflects in the way the film turns out. Every film and every couple is different and it helps to take some time out in the beginning to be on the same page.

Do you just provide with the wedding movie? Or its bundled with photographs?

VP: Just movies! We’re a bunch of filmmakers here.

Do you provide with photo/videophooths?

VP: Not yet!


If I am not mistaken your crew is just five members so do you actually shoot all the movies yourself ? How does your team work?

VP: Our team size varies depending on the scale of the wedding. If it is going to be an intimate, relaxed wedding of a day with 50 close family and friends in their personal backyard- we’d come with a team of 5. If its going to be a 3 day hectic wedding with a lot happening and many functions, then the size of the team can go up to 10.

Wedding cinematography was picked up very fast indeed …What do to think is the next thing to watch out for in this field?

VP: Doing live edits- so they get to relive the memories instantly.

What’s your advice to all the brides-to-be?

VP: Don’t get carried away with your wedding. Costs can go really high, focus on what is important to you.

And what do you have to say to all those who look up to you as their inspiration?

VP: It’s always a good idea to start small, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Put your heart into each film that you make and you will never be disappointed with the results.

–Vishal Punjabi

These are just a few questions and i am sure you have a lot more to ask and learn from him … So if you are lucky enough to be in bangalore on 17th of May , Catch him live and get all your questions answered …For details click here

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