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So you’re at a wedding, and there’s a photo booth! You jump in the booth, look at the camera, and think to yourself… “what photo booth poses can I do?” And then you probably do the typical shots like… sticking out your tongue, smiling goofy, looking serious, etc etc… Boring!


Most people aren’t creative, and if you want to show your friends just how cool your photos are, think outside the box!

For the bride & groom /Any newly wed couple

These poses are for those madly in love, and sharing their special day. When you look back on your wedding day years down the road and pull out the photobooth album, you may just want to see some of these poses.


Surprise Kiss – See image above.
Smooch Smooch – Pucker up and give each other a big smooch.
Pick Her Up – If the booth allows it, pick the bride up!
Pulling His Tie – Girl leads the guy with his tie, preferably while he’s drooling.
Fishing Pole Reeling – You just caught yourself a groom!
Create a Heart – Use a hand from the bride and a hand from the groom to create a heart shape between you.
Blow Kisses – And perhaps catch them as well.
Wink – And look flattered!
Proposal Reenactment – Bring back the memories of a couple years, months, or weeks ago.


For the beautiful ladies

These photos are for the girls, whether a group, or just a few, and often they include a bride. Some girl only photo booth poses include:


Charlies Angels – Guns up and out with backs together.

Supermodel Shoot – Pretend you’re on the cover of vogue and strike your best sexy supermodel pose.

Kiss the Bride – Make a bride sandwich like the image above!


For the men

Group High Five – Maybe even in midair?


Show off the Guns – Flex your muscles and show your ladies which direction the beach is.
Fake Fight – You can figure this one out.
Too Cool – Fold your arms, and look like a tough stud. Ain’t no thang!
Head Butt – Pretend you’re rams, or football players after scoring a touchdown and butt heads.
Salute – Either for patriotic reasons, pretending you’re at mile high stadium, or just for fun. Salute!

If u wanna go Solo


Drinking Problem – At least you’ve brought a date to the event… your drink! – See photo above!
Same Pose for All Pictures – Yup, just make the same exact face for each take!
Slow Motion Across Screen – Move past the screen one shot at a time. Maybe even fake running.
Four Corners – For each of the four shots put your head in a different corner of the screen. It’s kinda “Brady Bunch”…esk!
The Stairs – Angle from top corner to the opposite bottom corner, or vice versa to make it look like you’re walking up stairs.
The Elevator – Move vertically up or down slowly over each shot. Make sure to push the button in the first shot!
Will You Marry Me – Very rare, but could be done as a proposal. If there are four photos in the strip and a board to write on, you could use each photo to write Will…You…Marry…Me?
Door Peep Hole – Fill up the whole screen with your face as if you’re trying to look through an apartment door peep hole.
Windy Day – Pretend you’re being blown away by a hurricane!
Busy Cell Phone – You’re too busy to be interrupted by photos, because you’re talking on your cell phone.

Play with facial expressions



And if these weren’t enough, here’s a loooonggg list of facial expression ideas you can use to pose with in the photo booth.

Happy, Estatic, Content, Sad,Depressed, Embarrassed, Nervous, Angry, Furious, Devious, Bored, Annoyed, Surprised, Tongue Out, Tired, Exhausted, Disgusted, Are you kidding me?, Grumpy, Hyper, Proud, Cute, Snob, Brat, Evil, Sour, Shouting, Lauging, Excited, Smiling, Fake Smiling, Winking, Scared, Studly, Tough, Stoic, Intense, Goofy, Serious, Thinking, Confused, Duck Lips


Some random but fun ideas

These photo booth pose ideas are random, but funny. Hopefully you try a few out!

Screen shot 2012-05-23 at 11.31.42 AM

The Train – A lot of weddings have the train where everyone grabs on to each other and snakes their way through the room. Walk it (gently) through the photo booth so each photo shows different people doing the train through.
YMCA – If you have four people, do the popular YMCA symbol, or if you’re by yourself do a letter for each of the four pictures.

Cara and Brice's Wedding Photo Booth, Dec. 14, 2014, Columbia, Mo.
Thumbs up – Obvious, but its an oldie and goodie.
Superman – Put your fists out and pretend you’re flying.
Riskayyyy – Get as creative as you want, but do something riskayyyy. Maybe a spank, maybe mooning? Riskayyy!
Live Long and Prosper – Pretend you’re Spok from Star Trek and give the live long and prosper hand sign.
Peace Sign – For world peace.
Head Bangin – Pretend you’re at a rock concert, bang your head and throw up the rock sign devil horns.
“Okay” Sign – Put your thumb and pointer finger into a circle and raise the other three in the air, to give the okay sign.
Scuba Signals – If anyone knows scuba signs and signals at the part maybe flash a turtle, shark, octopus or out of oxygen signal at the screen!




Obvious, but it has to be mentioned. Photo bombs are one of the most popular things you’ll see at photo booth events so I had to create a category just for this (sometimes annoying) pose.

Use some props


Spice up your photos with the creative use of props. These aren’t prop ideas, but the creative use of them.

 Hashtag Writing – Get a chalkboard, or piece of paper and share your hashtag for the event.


Find Something Random – Anything unique at the photo booth hall? Take a picture with it! – I’ve seen this done with statues, stuffed animals and a plethora of other objects. It’s funny because the bride and groom, or event organizer will look at the photos after the event and definitely scratch their head wondering!



Drop a Grenade – First shot, hold the grenade in your hand, second shot, drop it and look surprised, third and fourth react to the explosion!

The Dirty Bird – oh you know.

Bob and Weave – Bringing back the old Ram’s football move.

Terrell Owens – Be inspired by Terrell, with some of his famous moves including: popcorn in your face, autograph a football, or taunt the audience.

The Heisman – You wish!



Dance Move Reenactments
These moves require no explanation. To see their full effect, just look them up on you tube, or try your best from memory.

Students Participate In Their School's Final Year Prom Dance

The Macarena

Gagnam Style

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

The Dougie


Harlem Shake

636x460shirt_guys_01   ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The Robot


Walk like an Egyption

soulja boy instructions1

Soulja Boy!


John Travolta – Boogie Nights

Anti Gravity Lean

Chicken Dance


Just do your favorite bollywood istyle …


Happy Clicking !!!



Chairs are a part of every wedding and with the right embellishments; you can transform even a standard folding chair into a beautiful part of your wedding vision. Whether used as a focal point at your wedding or as a complimentary addition to your wedding decor, Wedding Chair Decorations are not to be overlooked. With an endless range of variations and ideas available, you are sure to find a way to dress up your wedding chairs according to your wedding style, theme, and budget…


First let me start with the minimalistic approach , how small little additions change the way the chairs look…


This is the traditional and most common way the wedding/reception chairs are done up. A little modification to using a ribbon or polka dotted sash (for retro) can make a hell lot of a difference .See for yourself…


The first two work well for any beach wedding .Add a star fish with some blue ribbon either on the side or at the back. In the next one you can see how you can hang a few strands of ribbon or just make a bow and tie it to one side one the chair. Simple strands of ribbons can give you a luxe look for less.


Ribbons , ribbons and more ribbons… Using ribbons to dress up your wedding chairs, is one of the easiest ways to create a playful  or elegant look. As simple as tying a knot, here are a few ribbon chair swag ideas, some of which you are even able to create yourself!

Multi-coloured ribbon are streamed and knotted through the back of each wedding chair to dress up these plain white wedding chairs.

Strips of ribbon are pulled and knotted at the back of this chair and are kept long enough to create a lovely long tail of textured ribbons.


Simple sash just tied a little differently can beautify the venue at no extra cost.


Flowers add charm to anything so why not use it on your chairs to do the magic. Just tie a few flowers to the side of the chair with the help of a ribbon or some fancy beads


Reach for a bunch of fragrant florals to adorn your wedding chairs with fresh dressings of flowers and leaves! Match them to your wedding decor to keep your wedding theme flowing throughout. Add a few strands of pearls and see the difference (Pearls are my favorite, you can add it anywhere to add elegance).
















Add some flower arrangement with contrasting sash/drape .


Net is one of the cheapest(cost-wise) available cloth. But see how beautiful and elegant they make the chairs look, even without addition of any color to it. White with white flowers definitely steal the scene!


Play with drapes and leave a little extra hanging down like the trailing lehenga of the bride


The picture shows different ways in which ruffles can be added. In the first one a strip of lilybelle flower blooms are carefully hand sewn together and used to decorate the simplicity of this pleated organza wedding chair cover. So stylish! A sheer overlay with a ruffled train gives off such a romantic vibe.


Use some lace or fancy fabrics to decorate the chairs.


Think out of the box and use something different …Use anything that fits in your theme and create magic with chairs..


Why stick to the same décor on each chair …. Use variety of decorations or just have contrasting colors on alternate chairs


When thinking of ideas for your chair swag, it is super important to consider the type of chairs that you will have at your wedding.

But please don’t overdo it like this one…

Red & pink 29- 800



Happy Planning !!



Part of making your wedding unique involves finding ways to reflect your personality and style in your wedding decorations. If you are looking for accessories to create a romantic and elegant ambiance at your wedding then lanterns and candles are the perfect for you.


Lanterns – in all shapes, forms and colors – be it paper, glass, metal, round or square – are a beautiful sight and look stunning and very romantic in any setting. Use it as a single prop on a table or string a  few of them from the ceiling or adorn them with flowers. Depending on the type of lanterns and manner of use, they can be used with different themes from whimsical, rustic, vintage or even a traditional feel to an event.


Candles are always a great option for couples because of the variety of ways in which they can be used. The wedding candle decorations give you the ability to customize the look of your wedding candle décor making it easy to compliment a specific style, color, or influence. Candles can be improved by being creatively displayed, by the holders used, or by the accents they’re paired with. Wedding candle decorations can be used stand alone or in combination with any of the votive candles, tealights, floating candles, or pillar candle wedding decorations


Using a lantern in the decoration of the wedding. in the morning and afternoon can still look beautiful and give a romantic feel in the atmosphere of your wedding day. If you intend to hold a wedding during the day, could not light the lantern, but fill it with flowers or other accessories. And turn on the lantern if you held a party in the afternoon or evening. Flame lanterns can invite different moods in your wedding day.


You can put a lantern hanging on the walls or let it lie at the bottom with the other decorations. You can also make lanterns decorate the tables at the wedding, including the guest book table.


To create a dramatic effect, you can have lanterns lined along the path leading to the mandap.


Floating Candles: Think about using tall cylindrical or square glass vases of varying heights and placing floating candles in them. These look gorgeous and are perfect centerpiece for a table. Consider tinting the water with food coloring or adding glass pebbles, leaves, orchids, rocks, sparkles or marbles to the water. You can even have fish bowl with floating candles.


Having a poolside affair or a fabulous fountain- side fete? If you have any water body on the venue, than don’t forget to consider floating lanterns. They’re beautiful and available in various pattern to suit your theme. The lotus flowers lantern above gives such a romantic glow and looks very elegant.


Candle Tapers: Tall and thin, also known as dinner candles, can be placed on candelabras and placed on guest dinner tables.


Candle chandelier: Candles placed in chandelier arrangement has its own charm and adds a very romantic fell to the venue. Different kinds of candles can be used.


Gels candles :  Gel candles are soft and transparent candles which hold decorative wax items inside. These can make for unique favors or centerpiece accents.


For the biggest bang for your buck, paper lanterns offer a huge impact on your event and at a minimal cost. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and even shapes, these lanterns give you great versatility in décor. Incorporating cutout designs and perhaps a print on these bag create a custom look that won’t break the bank.


With easy installation, these lanterns look fabulous under a tent or indoors. Installation of these are as a simple as placing a light in a paper bag. These can line the walkways of your venue, adding more romance to a great setting, or they can be placed on tabletops as centerpieces or on a gift table spelling out the names of the newly married couple. . A simple design, when these are lit they give a romantic glow, but are also airy and somewhat whimsical before the sun sets.


Hanging lanterns: Whether camp lanterns hanging from the trees, chic vases and crackle glass mini lanterns hanging from the ceiling, modern chrome against an open window, vibrant colored indian inspired lanterns, or vintage lanterns hung from a tent, hanging lanterns add so much to a space. And to repeat  again, the lighting is so soft and beautiful.


Candles hanging in different shapes of glass vases , jars or containers look equally elegant .


A sky lantern, also known as Kongming lantern or Chinese lantern, is a small hot air balloon made of paper, with an opening at the bottom where a small fire is suspended . These wish lanterns will definitely light up your wedding or reception. Believe it or not, they’re eco-friendly and biodegradable too! You can have each guest tie a tag on their lantern with a wish for the couple. When the couple leaves everyone releases their lantern into the sky.  This is indeed creates a truly mesmerizing display, which is both noiseless and environmentally friendly. It is also believed the releasing of sky lanterns offer protection against evil spirits…just another reason to add it to your wedding


There is no end to the way simple candles and lanterns can change the way your wedding venue will look. So start thinking creatively and besurprised…


This one is a must read for all of you out there planning your wedding

We’ve all been to “that wedding”. You know, the one where you literally watched the seconds tick by until it was socially acceptable to leave, secretly playing candy crush under the table. Hosting “that wedding” is every bride’s worst nightmare. Every bride dreams of a beautiful wedding filled with pretty things, yummy food, and friends and family that come from far and wide to celebrate the day! Yes..this day is all about you and your groom….but don’t you want it to be fun for everyone?

Let’s face it: you’ll be much too busy primping, posing for photos, and getting married to worry about whether or not every single guest is enjoying themselves. So why not plan ahead and find great ways to entertain guests and minimize potential wedding stress?

pic of activity3 Plan a Surprise

Surprising your guests with a little extra entertainment is sure to be a crowd pleaser. If your friends and family enjoy a good laugh, then a comedian is a great choice for entertainment.You can also opt to have a magician do a few acts on center stage, or have him wander through the reception performing at individual tables.

pic of activity5

Have a Caricaturist/Cartoonist

Bring in cartoonist/caricaturist , he or she can draw pictures of the guests so they have something fun and memorable to take home. But this can become a little messy with large gatherings. So plan to have either more than one activity or two- three artists.

pic of activity

Hire a fortune teller

This one is sure to be a crowd puller. Most people enjoy ‘learning their future’, even if they don’t believe in it. You can have a fortune teller employ a crystal ball, tarot cards, parrot or all three.

pic of activity1

 Photo Booth: Seemingly becoming more popular, renting photo booths for guests to take pictures in is becoming all the rage. Guests can take home for memories and/or leave the photos for the bride and groom to create a photo book with all their friends and family. Spice up your photos with the creative use of props.

Have a chalkboard with some of the ideas for fun pictures written on it

Superman – Put your fists out and pretend you’re flying.
Riskayyyy – Get as creative as you want, but do something riskayyyy. Maybe a spank, maybe mooning? Riskayyy!.
Head Bangin – Pretend you’re at a rock concert, bang your head and throw up the rock sign devil horns.
“Okay” Sign – Put your thumb and pointer finger into a circle and raise the other three in the air, to give the okay sign.
Scuba Signals – If anyone knows scuba signs and signals at the part maybe flash a turtle, shark, octopus or out of oxygen signal at the screen!

This will help the guests to start their creative juice flow in for fun filled photosession.

More on photobooths coming soon…

pic of activity2

Guest Box

A video booth where guests can record a message on video for the newly-wed couple. Give them ideas on what to record.It could be anything “how you met the couple”, “some marriage advice” or some heart felt wishes.. 

pic of activity4

Turn your guests into photographers

Not only are your guests dying to celebrate your love, chances are they are also dying to document it. Challenge your guests with a list of photos to capture, or just provide a hashtag for guests to use to ensure you get copies of all the moments you missed while spinning around the dance floor. Not only is this fun for kids and adults alike, but it’s a wonderful way to get extra photos from your wedding. Ask your guests to use their digital cameras or smartphones to capture the moments even the best photographers sometimes miss. You can have some website I place where they should share the pictures. Have some prizes for the best pictures. Have the list made and circulate among guest with the web address where to share.

pic of activity7

Arrange live dance troupe

Sometimes the best parts of a reception are the things guests don’t see coming. Plan some unexpected entertainment during the reception, arrange for dance troupe like a belly dancers, local folk dancers, or even salsa dancers. Encourage the guests to join in with them.

pic of activity8

Don’t Forget the Kids

Kids at weddings are unavoidable so make sure you have a contingency plan for their entertainment too. Sitting quietly somewhere and not playing with the décor is not something you can expect of them, so providing an activity for the kids might give their parents a bit of a break. A simple and cost effective arrangement is providing coloring books and crayons for them. And if the budget permits, a designated kid area with some games and activity is a great option.

pic of activity6

Plan an end of the night treat for your guests

Nothing stops a party in its tracks faster than guests heading for the door early. Take out an insurance policy against a skimpy crowd and plan a treat for the end of the night that people will look forward to: prepare and perform a dance together , or you can plan a reception getaway that’ll gets guests excited, like a fireworks show or lighting up sky lanterns.

Happy Planning !!