A chair can really add the required grace…


Chairs are a part of every wedding and with the right embellishments; you can transform even a standard folding chair into a beautiful part of your wedding vision. Whether used as a focal point at your wedding or as a complimentary addition to your wedding decor, Wedding Chair Decorations are not to be overlooked. With an endless range of variations and ideas available, you are sure to find a way to dress up your wedding chairs according to your wedding style, theme, and budget…


First let me start with the minimalistic approach , how small little additions change the way the chairs look…


This is the traditional and most common way the wedding/reception chairs are done up. A little modification to using a ribbon or polka dotted sash (for retro) can make a hell lot of a difference .See for yourself…


The first two work well for any beach wedding .Add a star fish with some blue ribbon either on the side or at the back. In the next one you can see how you can hang a few strands of ribbon or just make a bow and tie it to one side one the chair. Simple strands of ribbons can give you a luxe look for less.


Ribbons , ribbons and more ribbons… Using ribbons to dress up your wedding chairs, is one of the easiest ways to create a playful  or elegant look. As simple as tying a knot, here are a few ribbon chair swag ideas, some of which you are even able to create yourself!

Multi-coloured ribbon are streamed and knotted through the back of each wedding chair to dress up these plain white wedding chairs.

Strips of ribbon are pulled and knotted at the back of this chair and are kept long enough to create a lovely long tail of textured ribbons.


Simple sash just tied a little differently can beautify the venue at no extra cost.


Flowers add charm to anything so why not use it on your chairs to do the magic. Just tie a few flowers to the side of the chair with the help of a ribbon or some fancy beads


Reach for a bunch of fragrant florals to adorn your wedding chairs with fresh dressings of flowers and leaves! Match them to your wedding decor to keep your wedding theme flowing throughout. Add a few strands of pearls and see the difference (Pearls are my favorite, you can add it anywhere to add elegance).
















Add some flower arrangement with contrasting sash/drape .


Net is one of the cheapest(cost-wise) available cloth. But see how beautiful and elegant they make the chairs look, even without addition of any color to it. White with white flowers definitely steal the scene!


Play with drapes and leave a little extra hanging down like the trailing lehenga of the bride


The picture shows different ways in which ruffles can be added. In the first one a strip of lilybelle flower blooms are carefully hand sewn together and used to decorate the simplicity of this pleated organza wedding chair cover. So stylish! A sheer overlay with a ruffled train gives off such a romantic vibe.


Use some lace or fancy fabrics to decorate the chairs.


Think out of the box and use something different …Use anything that fits in your theme and create magic with chairs..


Why stick to the same décor on each chair …. Use variety of decorations or just have contrasting colors on alternate chairs


When thinking of ideas for your chair swag, it is super important to consider the type of chairs that you will have at your wedding.

But please don’t overdo it like this one…

Red & pink 29- 800



Happy Planning !!


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