With dozens of wedding venues to choose from, deciding where to hold your event will likely be one of the most difficult decisions of your entire planning process. So once your list with selected few venue is ready with the help of my previous blogs pick up the phone and book your appointments with the […]


Gone are the days where a couple would select the one wedding venue in their hometown and then check that task off the wedding planning list. Since the number of wedding venue options are infinite now, couples need to think about a wide variety of questions before the go ahead and select their space. I […]


Now that you have answered the questions to the previous blog (if not do it now .. click here). Let’s start a little guide to shortlist venues. Start with jotting down all the venues which you think is apt for you, seek references from friends and family . Browse online for venues and once you […]


Just so that you know I love the attention to details Devika pays in her weddings …She is definitely one of my favorites in this industry …And she promised to do my 10th wedding anniversary …. Devika what to do exactly do? I know you plan weddings but what is your role ? DN: I […]


Yes …. I have a pass to spare …So all the videographers ….photographers and students who want to learn the art of creating those magical wedding movies … Can earn a free pass to participate in the workshop with me …How??? Simple just express your love for wedding filmer or the reason you should get […]