Hello!! …. I have a little surprise for all you brides-to-be…Sheelaa bajaj S, celebrity numerologist and marriage date expert, is soon going to join us and all you brides-to-be can make her choose the perfect wedding date …Yes !! choosing the right date can be almost as important as choosing the right man … No kidding!!… lets […]


Well I generally give a pass for TV actors’ wedding for Drashti is somewhat special so i simply coudnt overlook her wedding !! Whether as Geet or Madhubala she has won millions of heart and i must say she looked very pretty …So I had to share her wedding pictures for you to see that […]


Lets hear pukhraj’s wedding story…It was an old world charm … She ll instigate the believe that love really can happen at first sight …   I was born to a modern Punjabi family .It is one of those family you see in Bollywood movies which is full of happiness and joy. We love food, […]


Indian Bridal Headpieces have been worn by brides in their wedding ceremonies for centuries & modern brides are no different. Royalty and Goddesses in ancient Hindu scriptures were shown wearing these gorgeous headpieces. Bridal headpieces can evoke an almost royal princess or fantasy fairytale touch to a brides look. Brides can make a big fashion […]


Okay for now this is the last one on photo booths …But this is important.. Now that you are having a photo booth there are a few rules to follow.. Place your photo booth tactfully :Where  you put your photobooth, matters. The closer to the bar – the better (makes sense right?!) If not near […]