Wedding planning can be very hassling and can turn any good-natured person into a bridezilla. Well then you can magine what it would be like planning for celebrities, who usually have million dollar weddings. This week, Kim Kardashian, described by Vogue as a ‘pop culture icon’ married Kanye West, one of the most famous rappers […]


The greatest part about the Twilight series is the intense, passionate die-without-you love that the two main characters share. As deadly romantic and old fashioned as it is, it is completely timeless and the Shakespearean romance is perfect to share on a wedding day. It brings serious drama and perhaps is a great way to […]

Why leave the dream of our fairy tale wedding behind with our childhood!! Why not incorporate our favorite fairy tales in the most important day in our lives. Even if you are planning a traditional wedding you can use these themes for your reception. Or best is to have small gatherings for all your traditional […]

Ladies and gentleman, a superhero-themed wedding. I mean seriously, how much more awesome can it get? This wedding theme is definitely not for the weak-hearted but if you and your significant other are really adventurous and are looking to have fun with your theme, then this might be just the thing for you! Of course, […]

“Every woman is beautiful, it is mostly about the dedication to bring out the beauty”, says Prerna Khullar the renowned make up artist and aesthetician. Being the last word on beauty came easy to her. From the age of five, her love for make up and beauty was undisputed. The knack to experiment and urge […]