About Us

Sonam Poddar

Wedding planning and its beauty didn’t strike me when I started planning my wedding …
It has been a part of me ever since I first saw a wedding…

As a young girl I got ample opportunities to plan small events for family and friends. It made me realize planning/organizing an event can really be fun .So, I thought I would share my way of having fun planning a wedding with you, the would-be brides to ensure you really enjoy the day you have waited all your life for !

My book “Planning your big day…the perfect way” will definitely help you with all the details you will ever need to have a well-planned beautiful wedding.

And my little site here will help you pick right vendors to ensure you have your dream wedding. It will also update you about latest trends in bridal wear and other wedding trends. It will host a list of all up-coming wedding events and will recommend you on what not to miss.

Happy planning

About Sonam - by qualification software engineer and ex-employee of Microsoft;
by passion your wedding planner :)